ACTOR's Picture and Resume

Michel Deslandes


5'3"                                     Unions

135 lbs.                              UBCP, ACTRA

Brown Hair                           Canadian Actor's EQUITY

Brown Eyes                           Union des Artistes



-Homeshopping Network  / Showhost C.H.S.N.Network / Sandy Hall

-Objections / Actor  Sunlife Keller Comm.

-Justice pour Tous / Principal  CFTM, Montreal Louis-Paul Allard

-Setting Fires / Principal  Ontario Govern Bill Sommerville

-Une Question d’Attitude / Principal  Intercom Films Gil Taylor

-Options  / Principal Audvicon Ass Balaz Vincent Batyka

-Linda, The man / Principal U.W. Projects Peter Chang


ACTING: THEATRE  (over 1600 performances including: )

-Romeo & Juliet Peter Citadel Theater Robin Phillips

-Blueprints From Space  Tyler Kirby Citadel Theater Marianne Copithorne

-Scapino Leandro Theater New-Brunswick Duncan McIntosh

-Midsummer Night's Dream Puck  Neptune Theater Richard Ouzounian

-The Late Great Date Mark Theater New-Brunswick Micheline Chevrier

-Une Mauvaise Conduite Marc Lafontaine /Theater NB / Micheline Chevrier

-I am a Bear President  Theater New-Brunswick Micheline Chevrier

-D'une Flamme Nouvelle Coureur des bois Queen's ParkSears & Switzer

-A View from the Bridge(sc.) Eddie SecondStage Cecil O'Neal

-The Bear Luka  Lunchtime Showcase Lisa World

-The Sermon Clergyman Second Stage Brian McGuinness

-Summer School  Swiftheart Rabbit Ontario Place Rui Feliz

-Care Bear Olympics Braveheart Lion Ontario Place Rui Feliz

-Le Golden Pheonix Prince  Inner Stage  Elisabeth Szathmary

-Free to be, You and Me Jean-Marc Second Stage Paula Grove

-Government Inspector Postmaster   Ryerson Theater Leslie Yeo

-Rashomon/  Wigmaker /  Ryerson Theater /  Simon Johnston

-Pericles/  Philemon / Ryerson Theatre /  Mel Tuck

-Caucasian Chalk Circle/  Yussup /  Ryerson Theater  / Neil Dainard

-Braveheart's Birthday / Bedtime Bear /  Ontario Place  / John Booth

-The Party  /  Michel /  Ryerson Theatre /  Mel Tuck

-The Box  / Man-One  /  Lunchtime Showcase  /  Vrenia Ivonoffski

-The Lion Who Wouldn't  /  Sam /  U. Of Windsor Players  /  Robert Dorrell

-Moto-Plus  /  Gilles /  Theatre le 56  /  Francine Janisse

-The Tempest  /  Prospero  /  Libra Theater   /  Peter Crook

-Une Job  /   Master of ceremony /  Theatre le 56 /   Christiane Collette


Mc Donald's, GM Sprint/Firefly, Dunkin Donuts, Wolkwagen Jetta, Rona, Zellers, Coca Cola, Metro, Loto-Québec, IGA, Via Rail, Bell Canada, Steinberg, Ass. des Producteurs d'oeufs, Labatt Bleu, Labatt Laurentide, J Cloth,...

A complete list is available upon request.


Starlinos  App.              Story telller                         Jean-Marie Bedard
Domtar Recycling         Narrator             Ryerson Productions     Dan Fontano
1991 Canada Games     Narrator             CanPhoto Prod.              Gal Braithwaite


ACTING :       -Generic American Accent (UBCP) with Andy Krieger

                          -RYERSON THEATRE SCHOOL, graduate (3 years), Toronto

                          -University of Windsor, 1 year, B.F.A. Acting;
                          -UQAM, Montreal, 1 year of Mime

SINGING:       -Julie Beaulieu, Manon Feubel, Peggy Redmond, Gloria Ferrer

DANCING:     -Jazz & Ballet : Len Gibson, Russell KildeHarriet Gracian

MIME :           -Ryerson Theatre School, 2 years; Adrian Pecknold

                       -UQAM, 1 semester; Francois Le Grand

                       -Ontario Place; 2 years; (Street Entertainer)

STAGE COMBAT :                -Ryerson Theatre School, 1 year, Reed Needles

   -Neptune Theatre (Workshop), Steve Boucher

   -Citadel Theatre (Workshop), Patrick Johnson

FENCING :                             -Ryerson Theatre School, 2 semesters

MARTIAL ARTS:                   -Aikido (1 year), Judo (2 years)

COMMEDIA DELL'ARTE :     -Ryerson Theatre School, 1 semester

CLOWN :                                -Ryerson Theatre School, 1 semester

MAKE UP :                             -Ryerson Theatre School, 1 semester


Alpine Skiing (Expert, 20 years competition and moggles)

Horseback Riding (Over 50 hours of promenade)

Sailing, Windsurfing (Advanced, 3 years teaching at Club Med resorts, Catamaran, Olympic Lazer)

Scuba diving (Expert, ‘”Divemaster” with PADI)

Snorkeling (Expert, Free diving personal RECORD: 83 feet).

Swimming (Expert, 15 years of competition - all 4 strokes)

Track and Field (Expert, 6 years of competition - 100m, 200m, long jump)

Flying trapeze, Waterpolo, Windsurfing,  Crosscountry Skiing


English, French, Spanish (Fluently),

Portuguese, Indonesian (Intermediate),