Michel Tintin Deslandes was born in Montreal where he quickly showed a vivid interest for movies, cinema and Acting. Hence, he studied Acting, Singing and Dancing at the prestigious Ryerson Theatre School in Toronto. Before he reached his twenties, he became a member of all three performers' unions: UDA, Actra and Canadian Actor's Equity. A decade later, following an acting drought, he decided to travel to see the world. He has lived in 14 different cities around the world and also worked as a GO for Club Med, where he taught sailing, snorkeling and windsurfing. He has now visited nearly 40 countries and speaks 5 languages. The movie bug still present, he studied at the NEW YORK FILM ACADEMY where he graduated in october 2011. In 2012, "Erase-Replace" became his 2nd film, in 2 consecutive years, to be presented at the Montreal World Film Festival, besides "Let's Play the Frog's Game", Tintin's 1st short shown at the FFM, which got nominated for BEST DRAMA at the infamous High Desert Shorts International Film Festival. He has done 10 other shorts and film exercises including: "MUG YOU", "MINI MEAN MACHINE" and a superb duplication exercise consisting of copying frame by frame a short scene from "THE MATRIX". One more short is now in post-production and would be ready in time for considerationin Film Festival next year, in 2014. Michel Tintin Deslandes is already in full swing at producing, shooting and editing the entire episodes of "THE FLUTE CAKE". A silly parody of a man who tries to learn flute and give advice after not playing the instrument for 20 years. Michel is also writing his first feature length movie, an India/Canada coproduction, scheduled to shoot in 2022.